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Thread: West End Motel - Only Time Can Tell

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    Default West End Motel - Only Time Can Tell

    online listen
    hearing some Heads in here
    sounds good but lyrics are weak and too repetitive
    another near miss for the list
    1.5 from me and a converted 2.2 from the pros at allmusic

    from the album - Burn It Down

    released Oct 30th, 2012

    Bio - from allmusic

    A diversion from the world of prog metal, West End Motel finds Mastodon guitarist Brent Hinds exploring the sounds
    of early rock & roll with a project that, while not as heavy as his other work, is no less ominous. Much like the
    "doom-wop" outfit Mister Heavenly, West End Motel delivers a classic sound with a dark underbelly that keeps
    listeners on edge. Hinds debuted the band on the 2011 split Brent Hinds Presents: Fiend Without a Face & West End
    Motel, a double EP with his metal-rockabilly hybrid, Fiend Without a Face. The band made its full-length debut with
    Only Time Can Tell, which was released by Warner in the fall of 2012.

    Album Review - from allmusic

    While Brent Hinds' main gig, the wildly ambitious progressive sludge act Mastodon, might seem like a bottomless
    creative outlet for the guitarist, man cannot live on metal alone. Branching out into just about every corner of the
    music world, Hinds' first full-length outing with his West End Motel project, Only Time Can Tell, feels like a
    musical pilgrimage, giving the axe-man a chance to explore his more theatrical side with a collection of songs that
    feels heavily influenced by the genre-bending work of Tom Waits and Nick Cave. Adding a sense of darkness and drama
    to the sounds of early rock and doo wop, the album presents a take on rock & roll's past that feels stripped of its
    innocence. Injecting this kind of music with a sense of foreboding gives the album a kind of uncanny valley feeling,
    like a David Lynch film where everything seems so pure, but you can feel in your spine that something terrible is
    lurking just out of sight. Though this total departure from Mastodon's sound is one that suits Hinds surprisingly
    well, it's a distant enough relative from his day job that any fans hoping for some more spacy prog thrills are
    going to have a rude awakening. What Only Time Can Tell will do is pleasantly surprise anyone who might've balked at
    the album because of its metal lineage, presenting the skeptical with a collection of songs that wouldn't feel out
    of place on David Byrne's Luaka Bop label, making West End Motel the perfect delivery vector to expose a whole new
    audience to one of the most far-out minds to break into the mainstream in recent years.

    Track Listing

    1. Burn It Down
    2. El Myr
    3. Witch Is Dead
    4. If I Only Had Tomorrow (Second Chances)
    5. Bite
    6. Forgiveness
    7. Only Time Can Tell
    8. Valentine
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    i like your link here....sounds like some of Dexy's Midnight Runners early album tracks IMO

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