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Thread: Try to find more from Tyr, only find the band Tır

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    Question Try to find more from Tyr, only find the band Tır

    Hi people,

    Somehow I heard a bit from the band Tyr, i loved it but the only music and info I find is on this page:
    There is a link to there homepage, but it doesnt work. Do you have the same problems with that link as I have?

    If I google the band, because I wanto hear more from them, I only find music and info about the band Tır. Wich is a kind of viking metal thing, not bad at all, but I just want Tyr

    When somebody has a link to more of them or some tips where I could search, would be awesome

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    Hi Flocken,

    I searched the title of their second album and voila, a few good articles/sites came up, admittedly not a lot of information on these guys.
    Here are a few more bits of info.
    A video - -- more videos linked to this one should give you more connections to he band's output (and links to even more videos of Tır)


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    Hi evilB,

    Thanks a lot. But dont you agree that sounds way different than their tracks on ""
    I would say it is a different band. The info on "" says its second album is: "hipokrisia". But if you continue reading they discribe 2 more bands that are named Tyr...
    Thanks for the links, its more than I had but not exactly what I hope to find.


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    And there I found it myself....
    Just didnt expect him to be the dude behind the music

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