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    TAYLOR SWIFT "red"

    a more mature sounding Swift here this time round...
    a more beefed up pop sound than her previous releases occasionally bordering
    on soft rock,believe it or not!
    subject matter within is relationships,both good and bad.
    no country sounds here whatsoever...not that she is country anyway IMO,
    but thats what the critics call her for some strange reason.
    a couple of guest appearances here also with Snow Patrol's Gary Lightbody
    and Ed Sheeran lending a hand on one track each.
    there is not one song on here that i do not like, thus the good rating for
    the only problem i have with the whole thing is the image she is portraying here...
    scrappy hair style,cherry red lipstick, tight black pants...looks rather skanky to
    me, please bring back the respectable, wholesome looking Taylor....please,please!!!
    rating: 2.0 or 3.5/5

    from the album:

    "red" live

    "we are never ever getting back together" live

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    Such a beautiful Lady, with a beautiful voice :D

    i Love you Taylor LOL!

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    I like I knew You Were Trouble

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