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    Hi. I'm looking for a song with an iconic introduction that is performed on brass instruments. It begins with a trumpet, trombone, or similar instrument, with three notes that get progressively higher. The third note is longer than the other ones, making it seem like "da da daaa." Then, there are two notes, which might include some percussion, that are like "da dum." It repeats, once again, perhaps starting from a lower note, but still increasing progressively over the three notes. There are some more notes, and then the drum kicks into the song.

    I understand that it is difficult to identify the referenced song, because there are no lyrics. But, it is a bit dramatic, often used for introductions for "talk-show"-like performances, and sounds a bit like something along the lines of "The Sounds of Philadelphia," "Feels So Good," and "Pick Up the Pieces."

    All suggestions will be appreciated.

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    Also, it is not Richard Strauss' "Sprach Zarathustra" or Chuck Mangione's "Feel So Good."
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    Unfortunately I can't pinpoint the song, but from your description seems to sound like Andre Rieu and his orchestra. Then again, I can't be certain. Hope this helps.

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