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Thread: Who is the artist ???3 months looking with no luck :P

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    Default Who is the artist ???3 months looking with no luck :P

    Hello everyone!! Another one here needs some help with an artist...
    Ok, here is the deal... I heard a song once and i was told only the details on the cover so i could never find the song or the artist.
    There is a man on the cover wearing a white suit, sitting on a bamboo chair. There are 2 other men (one on each side of the chair) standing and just holding the chair. Also it is around 1975-1980. If i find the name of the artist i will find the song i heard and it absolutely drives me crazy right now :P
    If anyone can help, it would be much much appreciated!I have been looking for this for over 3 months.
    Thank you!!!!!!

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    your description of the cover brings back an image, but cant recall what it is, so i obviously dont own it.

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    I immediately thought of Al Di Meola's Casino cover but there is only him on the cover.

    Al Green did a similar Album cover for "I'm Still In Love With You" but again no one but him on the cover, sorry.
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