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    Default All Time Low - Don't Panic

    online listen
    finding emo
    they're trying
    liked 3 tracks but 4 I didn't like
    clip is my favorite
    hey, it mentions a Dylan track
    1.5 from me and a converted 2.2 from the pros at allmusic

    from the album - Somewhere In Neverland

    released Oct 9th, 2012

    Bio - from allmusic

    Formed in 2003 in the suburbs of Baltimore, Maryland, All Time Low started out as a high-school cover band before
    morphing into a melodic emo-pop act. Singer/guitarist Alex Gaskarth and guitarist Jack Barakat were All Time Low's
    co-founders, with bassist Zack Merrick and drummer Rian Dawson rounding out their energetic pop-punk sound and rowdy
    live show, which often included silly string and beach balls. Honing their skills between homework and other teenage
    commitments, the guys managed to tour across the East Coast and South during school breaks. They issued a four-song
    EP, 2004's The Three Words to Remember in Dealing with the End, with help from the local label Emerald Moon, and
    followed its release with a full-length album, The Party Scene, one year later.

    Touring across the country that summer, the guys found themselves on bills with similar acts like Motion City
    Soundtrack, the Early November, and Plain White T's. Along the way, All Time Low also bumped into fellow pop-punkers
    Amber Pacific, who brought the young band to the attention of their label, Hopeless Records. The label was
    immediately impressed, and All Time Low had officially become part of the Hopeless family by March 2006, just a few
    months shy of the members' high-school graduation. Finally done with schoolwork and able concentrate full-time on
    music, the group issued Put Up or Shut Up -- a seven-song EP that mostly featured new recordings of older material
    -- that July.

    All Time Low supported the EP's release with a handful of Warped Tour dates before hitting the road again with Amber
    Pacific. So Wrong, It's Right appeared in 2007, marking the band's first full-length release for Hopeless. After
    being named 2008's Band of the Year by Alternative Press, All Time Low returned with their second album, Nothing
    Personal, in July 2009. Debuting at number four on the Billboard charts, Nothing Personal helped make All Time Low
    one of the top emo-pop acts in the business. Two CD/DVD packages, MTV Unplugged and Straight to DVD, were released
    the following year, tiding fans over while the guys returned to the studio to begin work on their major-label debut
    for Interscope Records. Dirty Work, featuring the single "I Feel Like Dancin'" was released in 2011. The album
    reached #6 on the Billboard charts the week it was released, and the band hit the road. In 2012, the group announced
    they had parted ways with Interscope and released a new song "The Reckless and The Brave" on their website in June.
    Soon after they re-signed with Hopeless and began work on a new album, Don't Panic. It saw the light of day in
    November of 2012.

    Album Review - from allmusic

    After splitting with Interscope and returning to the haven of their original label, Hopeless, one might expect All
    Time Low to turn their back on the glossy, radio-ready take on emo-pop they had exhibited on previous album Dirty
    Work. They really didn't, though, and Don't Panic is another hot and stadium-ready album that should connect with
    those who like their emo-pop very, very heavy on the pop. All Time Low may have started out with a bit more punk in
    the equation, but now thanks to the kind of songs they are writing, and the way they produce them, there is only a
    slight hint of punk that comes through in vocalist Alex Gaskarth's occasional snarl and the one or two times a
    guitar breaks out of the layers of sound and make some real noise. Mostly, though, the sound is closer to Bon Jovi
    (check "Backseat Serenade" if that sounds like a stretch) than it is to the Damned, more like Boston than Buzzcocks,
    and honestly, that's not a bad thing. It's almost too easy to make a stripped-down, raw punk album; it's much harder
    to make a super-processed, laboratory-clean record that still works as well as Don't Panic does. There are many
    factors that contribute to the album's success. The songs are consistently hooky to the point of distraction,
    Gaskarth's vocals are perfectly pitched between dreamy and intense, the wall of sound production is impressively
    punchy, with almost no modern trickery, and the lyrics strike a good balance of emo moping and sweetly desperate
    romanticism. That almost every song sounds like it could be a radio hit, especially the Peter Pan-referencing
    "Somewhere in Neverland" or the dynamic "For Baltimore," is also a huge point in the band's favor. Leaving a major
    label and slinking back to an indie can often be seen as a retreat or a failure, but All Time Low swallowed their
    pride, rededicated themselves, and ended up making the best record yet in a very consistently satisfying career.

    Track Listing

    1. The Reckless and the Brave
    2. Backseat Serenade
    3. If These Sheets Were States
    4. Somewhere in Neverland
    5. So Long Soldier
    6. The Irony of Choking on a Lifesaver
    7. To Live and Let Go
    8. Outlines
    9. Thanks to You
    10. For Baltimore
    11. Paint You Wings
    12. So Long, and Thanks for All the Booze

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    Wow. Such nice songs to listen too. I like it.
    Thank you for this !

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    I'll listen to this album :)

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