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Thread: Vaccines - Come Of Age

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    Default Vaccines - Come Of Age

    online listen
    Britian has certainly bought in
    I'm a slow learner
    liked the clip but that's about it
    1.4 from me and a converted 2.0 from the pros at allmusic

    from the album - Teenage Icon

    released Oct 2nd, 2012

    Bio - from allmusic

    Infectious London-based indie rock outfit the Vaccines formed in the late 2000s around the talents of Justin Young
    (vocals, guitar), Árni Hjörvar (bass), Freddie Cowan (guitar), and Pete Robertson (drums). The quartet, which has
    drawn comparisons to everyone from Surfer Blood and the Drums to the Strokes and the Jesus and Mary Chain, released
    its debut single, "Post Break-Up Sex," on Columbia Records in February 2011, in anticipation of a full-length studio
    album later in the year. That debut, What Did You Expect from the Vaccines?, appeared in the U.K. that March,
    showing up on North American shores two months later. Released in 2012, Come of Age, the band's sophomore outing,
    was produced by Ethan Johns and recorded at ICP Studios in Brussels, Belgium and the Distillery in Bath, England.

    Album Review - from allmusic

    2011's much hyped What Did You Expect from the Vaccines? had some solid moments that skillfully blended the snarky
    dissatisfaction of the Kaiser Chiefs with the stadium-ready, sonic expansiveness of late-period Jesus and Mary
    Chain, but the overall effect was one of calculated redundancy. Like the Kaisers, the Vaccines feel like a singles
    band trying to hold out for a solid greatest-hits collection, and Come of Age, while not as immediate as its
    predecessor, gets the job done with workmanlike precision. Come of Age dispenses with the bombast of the band’s
    debut, offering up 11 relatively disparate tracks that aim for the main floor instead of the nosebleed seats, and at
    its best (“Teenage Icon," “Bad Mood,” “Aftershave Ocean”), it serves as a serviceable stand-in for The Libertines,
    the Arctic Monkeys, and the Strokes of the world. The band's statement of purpose is summed up nicely in the first
    stanza of the ramshackle opener "No Hope," which finds Justin Young declaring "I could make an observation/If you
    want the voice of a generation/but I'm too self absorbed to give it clout." It’s a fitting summary of what in
    essence is the job description for what the Vaccines do, and while they’re certainly not alone in their crusade to
    provide an appropriate soundtrack for the "meh" generation, they’ve got it down to an elementary science.
    Simplistic, smart ass lyrics paired with simplistic, semi-ironic melodies will always be relevant, and by turning
    down the reverb, learning some new chords, and laying to waste any notion that they're here to herald in a new era
    of English guitar rock, the Vaccines have crafted a perfectly acceptable sophomore record that neither helps nor
    harms them, which is probably exactly what they wanted.

    Track Listing

    1. No Hope
    2. I Always Knew
    3. Teenage Icon
    4. All in Vain
    5. Ghost Town
    6. Aftershave Ocean
    7. Weirdo
    8. Bad Mood
    9. Change Of Heart pt. 2
    10. I Wish I Was a Girl
    11. Lonely World

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    took me a while to get back to this one,must have missed it these last couple of weeks....

    i have their debut "what did you expect from the vaccines" from early 2011...liked that one and like your linked track here also

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