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Thread: Peter Gabriel's "So" 25th Anniversary

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    Default Peter Gabriel's "So" 25th Anniversary

    Can't believe its been 25 years since this album came out…obviously one of his best and most known but this box set he's putting out looks pretty awesome. Not your average re-mastered re-release, theres a live dvd from 1987 that was apparently directed by Martin Scorsese! Wish I could catch this full So band reunion tour in the US but its not coming near me

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    i do have a few of those "anniversary" albums but im not a fan of them, well, i am of the albums but not all the extras they put on them like demo's alt versions etc...they spoil it for me,even the ones by my favourite artists like Weller,McCartney....sort of takes the gloss and sheen off the REAL albums.

    they are simply record company money spinners IMO.

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