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Thread: Barfi! officially nominated for Oscars

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    Default Barfi! officially nominated for Oscars

    The magic of Anurag Basu's 'Barfi!' has already mesmerized everybody, and now it had worked on Oscars also. The heart-winning movie has been officially nominated for the Academy Awards in the Best Foreign Language Film category, and had successfully turned out to be as India's official entry to Oscars.

    The movie starring Ranbir Kapoor as Murphy aka Barfi, has been praised for its simplistic and emotional narrative by one and all. The decision was taken at a Film Federation of India (FFI) meeting in Hyderabad on Saturday night (Sept 22). The makers of the film are very much happy with the news.

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    Great Film Great Acting... Really enjoyed a lot while I watching the film.. Ranbir and Priyanka has really done a great job...

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    thanks for reply.

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