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Thread: The chu chi girls 'the chu chi slide' dance competition!!

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    Talking The chu chi girls 'the chu chi slide' dance competition!!

    After recently hitting number 7 in Belgium's official top 40, featuring with 1950, The Chu Chi Girls are now working on a solo album. Here is their first promo POP VIDEO of there debut song as solo artists.

    The Chu Chi Girls

    Lead singer Danni, 21 from London
    Lead singer Becki, 20 from Leeds
    Rapper Chelsea, 21 from Manchester
    Backing singer Laura, 21 from Reading

    The Chu Chi Girls CHU CHI SLIDE DANCE...

    Throughout the decades from the 60's to 90's there has always been a formation routine simple dance in the shape of a song. In the 70s and 80's there was "oops up side your head" and "gimmie some"
    In the 90's there was "The Ketchup Song", "Saturday Night", "The Cha Cha Slide" Think of all the formation dance games available for the nintendo wi... and even in arcades. LMFAO proved that kids can rock, when the shuffle came out, now we present The Chu Chi Girls - Th Chu Chi Slide...

    The Competition

    The Chu Chi girls will be touring England promoting the brand new single "Me and My Chihuahua" and the new formation dance phenomenon "The Chu Chi Slide"

    Age Restrictions: 10-17
    Minimum Number of People needed to enter: x2 per group
    Maximum Number of people can enter: x10 per group

    How to enter??
    You will need - A phone (With Camera) or camcorder, or camera.. Any equipment that has capability to record film (Video).

    Also you will require a Pc or Mac.
    1) Have someone film you performing the dance (Maximum Length Of Clip 15 seconds)
    2) Upload your clip to youtube following instructions here -
    3) Copy link that Youtube provides you, Become friends on

    Then paste YouTube link to Facebook wall. we have created this Facebook especially for competition. The 50 best groups from all entrants will be chosen, The the Chu Chi Girls will pick the best 30 groups from the 50, These 30 Groups will be featured in the new Pop Video for "The Chu Chi Slide". They will get to meet the Chu Chi Girls for the day while filming the video. The Best Group on the Day of filming will be chosen as the overall winners and will win a prize of 500.00 worth of Music and Fashion Vouchers from the coolest high street stores, and Goody bags.
    The 29 Runners up will get a goody bag.

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    you already posted this once
    I deleted the other one for you

    you're welcome

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    another Spice Girls maybe?

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