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    hello everyone
    an idea has recently come up to my mind.

    After listening to the musical Oklahoma, i was inspired to write my own songs in a "stage music " fashion, meaning by this that i really like the ecleptism and melodic variety of the aforementioned musical work.. so the idea is to write a "modern" version of a Oklahoma-styled musical (and by modern i mean: 1) to utilize electronic softwares to back and arrange the track 2) to use newer forms of harmony)

    So my problem is: where can i start from? Can you guys suggest me a modern Musical (like, published after the year 2000) that i could use as basis for my compositions???

    EDIT: or to put it more simply: is there a way to write modern pop music that is just as expressive as the oklahoma musical??
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    If you are going to compose something new then the last thing you should do is look at existing musicals because this will slant your compositions. They way to start is to simply sit down at the keyboard and start composing. What you really need to figure out is the storyline for the musical. What story are you trying to tell. Plan it out on a whiteboard and then start composing pieces to suit the different scenes. You have to lay out the framework as if you were creating a movie - scene by scene.
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