Hello guys, my name is Andrea Fedeli and I'm a score composer and jingle writer for TV programs.
I worked on Overland, a famous documentary TV series on Raiuno, the main Italian channel.
I began this work like a passion since I was child.
For this work, art and practice are very important; music must provoke an emotion, always! I think so.
When Iím starting a new song, I often think of the sun, sand, heat, cold, winter, water and air, because seldom the composer canít see images.
Directors tell me about a situation and the length of an image, and I create the music from the heart.
Words are all!! If the story isn't good, then creating good music will be difficult.
Some time ago Iíve completed three jingles in four hours with idea, orchestration, mix and masteringÖand it was good. The director said: "Ok, GREAT!"
But also the images were good.
The formula of music composition in the TV world is hidden! We won't find any advice or curiosity on this activity. I thought to talk about my work on Youtube, so that we could open debates about musical themes. You can find the videos on my channel -- http://www.youtube.com/user/andreafedeli/videos.
There are many things to say about music. If we think about some of the most important collaborations in the movie world (Spielberg - Williams for example), we realize that the affinity between the composer and the director is vital.
I work on things that you can't touch, but that you can feel on your skin.
Music is in the heart before than in the head.
But what are your music genres?
I have to listen to every kind of music and, if itís played well, I love any genre.
When I was a child I listened to Beatles, in my teens I listened to pop music and rock and later I listened to classical and jazz music.
I have to thank my teacher Piero Bassini (a famous jazz pianist) because he made me love any kind of music.
This is wonderful for my work.
Think about Overland, the TV show: it's a famous travel/adventure documentary with four big orange trucks!! They travel in every kind of landscape and they find themselves in every sort of situation. Do you know how many music genres there are in the series? Every genre.
If a truck has troubles I write tense music; if they arrive to the destination the music is glorious, etcÖ
For a musician I think that is important to listen, to understand and to play every kind of music.
When I begin the composition I have to know every secret of the kind of music that I have to play. This is the best. If I don't know something, I choose a famous song of the genre and I listen to it.
For example: adventure soundtrack - Indiana Jones.
This is all I takes to understand technique and emotion, to steal it and elaborate it.
I love to talk about my work. If you follow me, it's possible on Youtube and on my site www.andreafedeli.it.