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have their debut from '97
first release in 6 years
only thing I really liked was Out Of Love which is not available
cover of Simple Minds classic was a waste
enough near likes to just miss the list
1.6 from me and a converted 2.2 from the pros at allmusic

from the album - Magic

released Sept 4th, 2012

Bio - from allmusic

A novelty rock band in the same vein as Presidents of the United States of America, but with surf and garage
influences instead of the Presidents' punk/thrash background, Smash Mouth found a hit in 1997 with the '50s-
influenced "Walkin' on the Sun." The group was formed in 1994 in San Jose, CA, by vocalist Steve Harwell, a former
rapper with the group F.O.S. After that group disintegrated, he began jamming with an old friend, drummer Kevin
Coleman. Harwell's former manager introduced him to guitarist Greg Camp (fresh from the local band Lackadaddy) and
bassist Paul DeLisle. The quartet recorded two demos, and got the songs into rotation on a local radio station.
After playing a summer festival with No Doubt and Beck, Smash Mouth decided to record an album. After finishing Fush
Yu Mang, the group were signed by Interscope, which released "Walkin' on the Sun" as the first single. It became a
number one modern rock hit and pushed the album into the Top 40. Touring further helped the album's push, and the
band added in a live keyboardist, Michael Klooster, to bolster their performances (and later live percussionist Mark
Cervantes as well).

The follow-up album, Astro Lounge, was released in 1999, generating the hit "All Star"; a collection of early
material, East Bay Sessions, also appeared that same year. A severe back ailment eventually lead to Coleman's exit
from the band; he was replaced by ex-Tripping Daisy drummer Mitch Marine for the album's subsequent tour and further
swapped out for Michael Urbano at its completion. Though no other hits with equal weight were forthcoming from Astro
Lounge, the band's work of the early 2000s (2001's Smash Mouth and 2003's Get the Picture?) pleased fans of
sparkling pop music. The group also contributed numerous tracks to a plethora of motion pictures, most notably their
cover of the Monkees' "I'm a Believer" (from their eponymous release) to the soundtrack of 2001's hit movie Shrek,
and many of these then appeared on the August 2005 Smash Mouth hits collection All Star Smash Hits. Harwell could be
spotted in early 2006 as a cast member on the sixth season of VH1's celeb-reality TV show The Surreal Life, just as
drummer Urbano was leaving the band due to creative differences. His spot was claimed in March by Jason Sutter, who
had previously done work with American Hi-Fi and the Rembrandts. Smash Mouth's fifth studio album, Summer Girl,
appeared in early September. It would be six years before the band released another album, returning in the summer
of 2012 with their sixth album, Magic.

Album Review - from allmusic

Smash Mouth's fondness of -- and talent for -- novelties tends to obscure their other sunkissed gifts, how they have
a knack for creating a soundtrack for an endless summer. Magic, the group's first album since 2006 -- they split
after the release of Summer Girl but it sounds like they never went away -- is hampered ever so slightly by those
novelties, as the group takes an easy swipe at "Justin Bieber" (it's never a good idea for a group pegged by some as
a one-hit wonder to take a potshots at another) and does a by-the-numbers cover of Simple Minds' "Don't You (Forget
About Me)," a couple of cuts that play into all the negative stereotypes of the bands. And that's what makes the
rest of Magic a bit of a surprise: it's as effortlessly effervescent as anything else Smash Mouth has ever released,
filled with grooving, organ-fueled beach party anthems. Smash Mouth may stumble slightly when they strive for a
power ballad -- "Out of Love," arriving halfway through the record, has a solid, sweeping chorus that the band
doesn't quite pull off -- but their traditional blend of '60s garage rock and '80s new wave still provides a breezy
good time on "Perfect Planet," "Live to Love Another Day," "Magic," and "Future X Wife." Perhaps it won't change the
mind of the haters, but those fans who have stayed true to the SoCal popsters will undoubtedly be pleased.

Track Listing

1. Prefect Planet
2. Live To Love Another Day
3. Magic
4. Justin Bieber
5. Out Of Love
6. Flipping Out
7. Future Ex Wife
8. Better With Time
9. The Game
10. She's Into Me
11. Don't You Forget About Me