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Thread: A Recited Gospel Song I Can't Find

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    The 1st song in this video is in a game known as 'Sonic Rush' for the Nintendo DS titled "Raisin' Me Up" and is a song used as a comparison to this other song in the video (poorly sung/poorly instrumented). I believe it is like a replica to the 1st song in that they both have the same feel and because I think they both have the same exact singers. The guy sings in a sort of speaking manner, leading into the woman singing "You took me higher," as for the song "Raisin' Me Up." The other song has those same two factors as well. Except that I could not convert my voice into that of the man and woman. I do not know anything about this other song/where to find it, so I could only sing what I remembered and make my own quick instrumental of it. Tell me the song if you know it if you can make it out under this rubbish (bad singing/not a good instrument choice and poor instrumentation).

    I could only recite what I think the lyrics sounded like: "With my mind I open up, a whole new world of symphony...*choir woman sings* A whole new world *choir woman sings again* A whole new world"

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    sorry, cant help you on this one????

    but it sounds vaguely familliar to a George Michael track i heard 15 or so years ago(not saying it is him,just sounds like one of his tracks)

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