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Thread: LL Cool J has a real life adventure fighting a burglar at his home

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    Default LL Cool J has a real life adventure fighting a burglar at his home

    Yesterday Grammy award winning singer turned television actor LL Cool J confronted a burglar in the kitchen of his home located at Los Angeles. He not only managed to confront the burglar but also to hold him in place till the cops arrived. This was like a mini adventure minus the cameras.

    A little before 1:00 am LL Cool J heard some unusual sound and moved to his kitchen to check if all was ok. Once he reached there he was in for a rude shock as he first saw a middle aged man around 58 years of age moving around his house.


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    personally, i dont see what all the fuss is over...thousands of people go through the same thing everyday...and they dont get attention for it, so why does he?...oh yeh, thats right....he's wealthy and that makes all the difference....NOT!

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    I thnk it's interesting just because he was able to subdue hold the burglar until the cops came. I think that takes guts.

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    I'm still trying to figure out what it has to do with Film & Stage Music

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