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Thread: Kottonmouth Kings - Mile High

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    Default Kottonmouth Kings - Mile High

    online listen
    a couple of tracks I love on here, Pound 4 Pound and Roll Us A Joint (don't act all surprised)
    but the album falls short for me
    this one does have potential though
    could have been scaled back from the 18 tracks
    some punk/metal thrown in on a few tracks
    1.5 from me and a converted 2.2 from the pros at allmusic

    from the album - Roll Us A Joint

    released August 14th, 2012

    Bio' - from allmusic

    Self-described "psychedelic hip-hop punk rock" outfit the Kottonmouth Kings emerged from Orange County, California,
    in 1994. Comprised of former Humble Gods frontman Brad Daddy X, rappers Saint Vicious and D-Loc, DJ Bobby B, and
    "visual assassin" Pakelika, the group first attracted attention with the track "Suburban Life," which appeared on
    the soundtrack to the film Scream 2 and became a modern rock radio hit. After issuing an EP, Stoners Reeking Havoc,
    on their own Suburban Noize label in early 1998, the Kottonmouth Kings released the full-length Royal Highness on
    Capitol that summer. Hidden Stash followed a year later, and their third album, High Society, pushed them into the
    mainstream. Gigs with D12 and Bionic Jive followed in fall 2001, just prior to the release of Hidden Stash, Vol. 2 :
    Kream of the Krop. A fifth studio album, Rollin' Stoned, which was produced by Brad X, appeared in October 2002.

    The self-explanatory Classic Hits Live hit the streets in 2003 while the band continued its expansion of the
    Suburban Noize empire, putting out DVDs and CDs by rappers and punk bands. Their 2004 release, Fire It Up, came out
    on the stoner's holiday, 4/20. The Kings returned in 2005 with their seventh album, a self-titled effort that
    featured guest shots from like-minded pals like Cypress Hill and Tech Nine. Unfortunately, the combo was forced to
    postpone its summer tour when D-Loc sustained a foot injury. Koast II Koast became the band's eighth studio full-
    length in June of 2006. The compilation Hidden Stash III appeared at the end of the year with a new album, Cloud
    Nine, arriving in 2007. Like The Kings' 2004 album Fire It Up, 2010 album Long Live the Kings was also released on
    the stoner's holiday of 4/20. Sunrise Sessions would follow a year later with more of a reggae and jam band vibe,
    while 2012's Mile High returned to the world of rap-rock along with reuniting the group with founding member Saint

    Album Review

    Not only do bong destroyers the Kottonmouth Kings release album after album (after album) of weed-loving rap-rock,
    but they stuff them, too, to the point where any release below the 15-track mark seriously harshes the mellow.
    Serious fans, "and there is no other," dive into outtake box sets that pass the 40-track mark like they can't get
    enough, so excuse the redundancy and overstuffed style of Mile High, because this is the way the pipe is always
    packed. Kottonmouth-friendly folks should know that the reggae and organic musics of their previous effort, the jam
    band-like Sunrise Sessions, have been blunted but not forgotten, and the rock has returned along with some slow-
    rolling electro, which figures into the highlight "Honey Dip," with the Kings and special guest Mickey Avalon
    getting off drugs long enough to rap about strippers. Since it's 2012 and the group is always up for what's poppin',
    dubstep figures into the trunk-rumbling "Boombox," and fans who miss the guitar-ripping old days can hop right to
    "This Addiction," a pop-punk roar against the empire that's got that Kelly Clarkson sheen. "Mr. Cali Man" is a
    worthy trip to Jamaica with original member Saint Dog back in dancehall action, and he's also back for "Get Out the
    Way," which combines dubstep and a heavy metal stomp possibly borrowed from Rob Zombie. That's a whole lot of
    strains spliced together for a too-busy hybrid that doesn't produce the expected complex buzz, but the Kottonmouth
    Kings' fans appreciate their quick growth from seed to flower, and with the yield as high as ever, this return to
    rock and random is needed after their brief foray into the land of the Dead.

    Track Listing

    1. Pound 4 Pound
    2. Hold It In
    3. Roll Us A Joint
    4. Get Some
    5. Packin The Goods
    6. Kottonmouth Bitch
    7. Get Out The Way Feat. Saint Dog
    8. Boombox
    9. Green Dreams (Mile High)
    10. Bounce
    11. High Haters
    12. Honey Dip Feat. Micky Avalon
    13. Mr. Cali Man Feat. Saint Dog
    14. Watch Out Feat. Twiztid
    15. This Addiction
    16. End Of The Rope Feat. Jahred of hed PE
    17. Judgement Day Feat. Saint Dog
    18. Fight For Your Life

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    not a bad link there MH...but not enough interest for me to listen to anymore of it,thanks for the post!

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