CATHERINE BRITT "always never enough"

didnt know Catherine was an Aussie country singer till i checked her bio on allmusic...
has released four or five albums thus so far...
this one is pretty bad IMO, too much of that modern country style for me to enjoy, and the subject matter....well, thats too 'left wing' for my liking dealing with gay marraige, rights of refugees, and then to cap it off child sexual abuse,depression and her own struggles with ADHD...
not really my thing, and certainly not what REAL country music should be about

by Steve LeggettCatherine Britt was born and raised in Newcastle on Australia's eastern coast, where she fell under the spell of country music while still a young child. When she was 11 years old, Britt met singer Bill Chambers before one of his Australian concerts, asking him to sing Jimmie Rodgers' "T.B. Blues." Chambers was stunned that such a youngster would even know the song (or have heard of Rodgers), and ended up inviting her up to sing it with him during the show. Britt clearly was a phenomenal singing talent, and Chambers took her under his wing, producing her In the Pines EP, which was released in 1999. Britt was only 14 when a single from the project, "That Don't Bother Me," which was co-written with Chambers' daughter, Kasey Chambers, dented the country charts

from the album:

always never enough video

charleston road live