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    DAPPLED CITIES "lake air"

    only listened to this one initially because ive always loved the word
    'dappled'....just one of them words i guess!!!
    anyway, didnt realise these guys were Australian...they hail from
    some real good indi pop/semi-rock to this one, every track got a "like"
    score(1.7 or 2.0), which gave this an overall score of 1.8, which makes it
    make it onto my purchase list with my b'day vouchers....

    from the album:

    born at the right time video

    run with the wind video review
    Deluxe Edition of ‘Lake Air’ is a limited CD/DVD set, containing softcase packaging and a 12-track bonus live DVD (Naked On East St)! Conceived while living in London and three years in the making, Lake Airis wild, breezy, thrilling, lofty and anything but ordinary. Shedding the imposing and complex sonic layers of their 2009 breakthrough Zounds, the new album showcases a sublime clarity with a sparser, loftier sound than ever before. 'Lake Air' was recorded in various sessions across Paris, Los Angeles and Sydney and is the first album co-produced by the band themselves with young US Producer Jarrad Kritzstein. 'Lake Air' was mixed by Englishman, Cenzo Townshend who has worked with artists as diverse as BLOC PARTY, FLORENCE + THE MACHINE, INTERPOL and NEW ORDER.

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    thanks for the new album posts

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