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Thread: Classical & Movie Music Used As Themes

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    Smile Classical & Movie Music Used As Themes

    This is a broad topic, yet related. Symphonic movie music is also a classical form of music. So here is one theme by a classical composer that was also a sound-alike popular song of its time.

    Eric Coates' "Dambusters March" has two themes, as marches often do. The later-on "B" theme is very nearly or actually is note-for-note the song made famous by Doris Day, "I'll Never Stop Loving You."

    And then there's the interesting story of Coates visiting America. He turned on the radio and was astonished to hear his 'By the Sleepy Lagoon' song from his "London Suite" with words. It was the big band ballad wth the crooned words that went something like,

    "A Sleepy Lagoon,
    A tropical a moon,
    ... " (etc)

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    Default Ivor Novello

    Coates' Dambusters won the very first Ivor Novello award for light orchestral music. Skip forward a few years, and Paul McCartney won it for his score to The Family Way.

    An aquaintance of mine is a big classical music fan. he reckons that people know more classical music than they realise they do, through its use in TV advertisements.

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    I suppose most people here know this, but one standard was actually specifically composed for a movie--Addinsell's Warsaw Concerto. It was a WWII era film about Polish pilots fighting in the RAF...the movie was Dangerous Moonlight (British, 1941)

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    My first pick in orchestral music for movie is "Star Wars" by John Williams.
    The power and tension is adequate to the movie.
    Recently, Winer Philharmoniker played it.
    http://<iframe title="YouTube video ...reen></iframe>.
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    Some movies are just designed for great music. I wanted to see the Lord of the Rings Symphonie here in London, but it was too expensive :(
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