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Thread: Looking for rapper to join Music Group

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    Lightbulb Looking for rapper to join Music Group

    Hey guys! My name is Dakotah Lynch and I made a MUSIC GROUP! We are on youtube, but dont have any songs yet. I have a singer. She sings R&B/Soul type music. Im the beat maker, and producer. Anyways let me get to the reason why I posted this.

    Im looking for a good rapper. A great rapper! If you fill you have what it takes, please get ahold of me via email - or on here!
    I would also like for you to send me a sample and/or give me a link to some of your music. Whether it be soundcloud or youtube. I dont care. Just somewhere that I can listen to your skills.

    Also dont think just because I make the beats in the group that you cant make any for yourself. IM FINE WITH YOU MAKING YOUR OWN BEATS.

    Again get ahold of me if your interested!

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    Hope all goes well with finding another member.
    I produce as well... but back when I was rapping?
    I would be all over this offer like whit on rice.

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    Hi Dakotah,

    Sometimes i like to rap. sometimes i listen to rap music. sometimes i enjoy it when i understand the lyrics. Sometimes also i didn't like because of the fast tune so that i didn't understand the lyrics. hehehe Sorry but this is an opinion. It may help you to gain more knowledge on how you do a rap music. Its not being so very fast to throw a line but always think for the meaning of the song. :)


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