THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM "handwritten".

this is Gaslight's fourth album, i have the other three(and a Fallon side project album) and am a big fan of
these guys...
i like this album,sounds like a good compaion piece to their last one "american slang", which i love.
probably not as good as that one on a single listen,and it appears to follow that rock formula with
little progression in their sound over the last couple of years.
not sure why "45" was chosen as the first single...its one of the worst ones on here, much prefer
the title track which i love already...
look, if you like these guys and what theyve done in the past then you wont be dissapointed with this one,
same as if you dont like their sounds you most definately wont like this...
rating: 1.8

from the album:

handwritten vewvo video

here comes my man live(letterman)
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CD Description

Handwritten is the fourth album from The Gaslight Anthem and arguably the band's most mature record to date. Introduced by muscular lead-off single "45", which received its world premiere on BBC Radio 1 as Zane Lowe's Hottest Record In The World, it finds the Jersey band in inspired form, decanting '60's soul, '70's stadium rock, '80s hardcore and '90's grunge into eleven white-knuckle, blue-collar everyman anthems.

Singer Brian Fallon likens its incandescent electrical storms to "Tom Petty songs [being] played by Pearl Jam". Put more simply, it's a supercharged American rock 'n' roll classic. After years paying their dues in the punk rock underground, their major label debut is assuredly the work of a young band who know their time is now.