Firstly, Hi my name is Jess! Newbie to the site

Secondly, just wanted to give a heads up about an upcoming event next Thursday, July 19th. For any of you who may be familiar with Haitian and/or Caribbean artistry, the Haitian Cultural Exchange organization in Brooklyn works in advancing and highlighting the cultural expressions of the Haitian people through various events within the NYC area.

This summer they are featuring "Mizik Ayiti" a series in which performances by Haitian musicians are given and next Thursday will be the second event; Haitian artist BeLO and Guitarist Obed Jean-Louis will be performing at the Shapeshifter Lab in Brooklyn. If you are a fan or just want to hear something new, come and check it out!

Mizik Ayiti presents.....jpg

For more Information on HCX here is a link to their website: