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    Default Kings of Leon - live

    Hey there!
    Any one seen KoL live this fall? How was it, what was the song list?

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    No i'm SO pissed,i didnt get into them until a week after they played here! So i missed them. Now they're gonna be overseas for a while so i won't get to see them anytime soon

    So i have no idea what their setlist is but you could check this page out,i'm too lazy to look through the posts,well not just lazy but i dont wanna know what their setlist is cuz i'd only be more upset i missed it LOL

    It baffles me this band is not as huge here as they are everywhere else. They just sold out 85,000 tickets in 4 minutes over in England. I guess most Americans are too into what the radio plays

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    There were playing here last Saturday but I'm not really a fan so didn't go. As regards what they play on the radio it's hard to get away from Kings of Leon on the national radio here, so they're pretty mainstream.

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    Wow,they're on the radio all the time there? I've never heard them on the radio here. And they are not mainstream here,even after the last 2 albums which were more commercial than their first 2...i still have a very hard time finding anyone else who has even heard of them,let alone likes them! Only one person,actually!

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    I find the overabused KOL song on the radio is nice... but holy hell the rest of the album was a surprise. I had almost lost faith in new release mainstream music. KOL is a rarity and i love their music.

    Would love to catch em live sometime i reacon.
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