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Thread: *Eminem* 8 Mile - Song Lyrics- Examining Hidden Meanings Within / Review

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    Lightbulb *Eminem* 8 Mile - Song Lyrics- Examining Hidden Meanings Within / Review

    8 Mile was a truly unique movie piece for it's time, I'm sure most can agree. The instrumentals within the track "8 mile" fit perfectly with the image of the movie, and the lyrics were inspiring at the least. Now, what some don't know, is that there are hidden meanings to the lyrics within the song "8 Mile". Some of the lyrics had multiple meanings in fact.

    Combining my review on this song/album, with my analysis on these meanings, I have written an article that shall cover both of these and provide the lyrics in whole.

    Nostalgia people ?

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    sorry Beatle songs are the only ones im interested in for "hidden meanings" as they were all over their songs...

    as for 8 Mile....brilliant movie,great soundtrack and not a bad performance by Eminem in the lead role neither

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    Interesting article. But, I've always thought Eminem's lyrics were pretty straight forward. A lot more than everyone else's anyway.

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