online listen
allmusic calls this electronic, I'm just sayin'
some nice jazz Latin/African rhythms/beats on here
too bad I'm not an instrumental guy
for the most part, that's what this is
the clip was the only standout for me
do like a lot of the music though
1.4 from me and a converted 1.8 from the pros at allmusic

from the album - Moon People

released June 19th, 2012

Bio - from allmusic

New York City-based DJ/producer Nickodemus made a name for himself as the resident DJ of the long-running Turntables
on the Hudson club night, and he also released numerous productions over the years, most notably the full-length
album Endangered Species (2006). His musical style is wide-ranging, incorporating all styles of funky music, from
house and Latin to Afro-beat and reggae. Born Nick DeSimone to a family of Sicilian heritage, he grew up on Long
Island, and was turned on to music at a young age thanks to his family, which played lots of music in the house,
namely Motown, disco, and Latin music. In the late '80s he grew interested in hip-hop, regularly tuning into the
radio show of DJ Red Alert. In 1990 he began DJing, inspired by the likes of Kid Capri and David Morales, and in
1998 he and his DJing partner, Mariano, founded Turntables on the Hudson, a weekly club night at Chelsea Piers on
the west side of Manhattan abutting the Hudson River. The club night proved popular, lasting for over a decade, and
spawned a trio of mix albums on Rhythm Love Records (Nickodemus & Mariano Present Turntables on the Hudson, Vol. 1,
1999; Vol. 2, 2000; Vol. 3, 2002) -- as well as a fourth volume in 2003 on Giant Step Records.

Meanwhile, Nickodemus was establishing himself as a producer (sometimes in collaboration with either Osiris or Jay
B), beginning with releases on Codek Records (Tribute to Baba, 1997; Listen to Your World, 1998; Universal
Greetings, 1998; Dippin South, 1998) -- and then followed by additional releases on Mush Records (A New Day, 1998;
Earth, 1999) and Rhythm Love Records (The Rhythm Love EP, 1999; Desert Dancer, 2001). There were also subsequent
releases on Giant Step Records (Free Souls, 2001; Mariposa, 2002) before Nickodemus found a more permanent home on
Wonderwheel Records, releasing Cleopatra in New York Remix EP (2003), Funky in the Middle (2005), Give the Drummer
Some (2005), Mi Swing Es Tropical (2008), and more. In 2006 Nickodemus released his full-length album debut,
Endangered Species, on Eighteenth Street Lounge Music, also known as ESL, the label of Thievery Corporation; a remix
collection, Endangered Species Remixed, followed in 2007.

Album Review - from allmusic

The third album from producer/remixer Nickodemus finds him exploring several different types of music, with a number
of guests including the mighty Afrika Bambaataa. There are emphases on the Middle Eastern and the Latin, especially
on "Alkebalun" and "Conmigo." There's potential here, but for the most part this feels like a disc that's somehow
unfinished. The pieces rarely fully develop beyond A and B parts, and all too often there's little sense of life and
personality to the music. It says a great deal when the best pieces on the album are remixes. "Alruccabah" has some
interesting moments, but really offers little new, although the choir sounds provide a sheen.

Track Listing

1. Under the Volcano
2. Moon People
3. Nights of Balaur
4. Alkebulan
5. Peaceful Island Life
6. The Nuyrican Express
7. Conmigo
8. Under the Volcano (Jose Marquez Remizx)
9. Alruccabah
10. Mirage
11. Los Taranrtos
12. Vino People