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    Hello folks, im new here on MD, and I was wondering if anyone could kind of give me a synopsis of what the site is like? I have a fairly unique taste in that I like A$asp Rocky just as much as I like someone like the tallest man on earth, and even Rihanna. I'm just curious as to whether folks, in general, are open minded to unfamiliar types of music?
    Looking forward to discussing some tunes with all of you folks

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    hi pcon...
    best idea is just to go through the various threads and judge for yourself if this is the site for you....

    personally though, im here for the good friendly environment, no advertisments, and to read the good intellignet views of others without the putdowns of others tastes that we might not agree with!

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    Hi, im new to the blog still tring to figure it out, but I was wondering if anyone could help me with 1 of my struggles at the moment. I am triing to figure out what Protools i should get for making some hiphop beats and recording myself. Like I have used protools in the past but i need a newer version. I dont have a whole lot of money though so i just want to see what your suggestions would be......Hoping for an anwser that can get me the the biggest bang for a buck.

    *Also, sorry I didnt know how to start a new tread. If you can tell me how that would be great too....

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