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    Default Lostprophets - Weapons

    online listen
    big in the UK I guess
    fifth album
    some kind of metal
    cool, a hidden track of some screaming after about a 10 minute gap........dumbasses
    1.3 from me and a converted 2.2 from the pros at allmusic

    from the album - Bring 'Em Down

    released June 19th, 2012

    Bio - from allmusic

    Lostprophets frontman Ian Watkins and guitarist Mike Lewis grew up together in the Cardiff satellite town of
    Pontypridd. They began blending musical genres as members of the band Public Disturbance. Watkins was a drummer at
    the time, but he moved to vocals when the pair first started experimenting as Lozt Prophetz. Watkins and Lewis
    flirted with ska and hip-hop at first, then came to an aggressive style of rock that mixed together their longtime
    love of metal and pop. They also changed the spelling to Lostprophets and added Lee Gaze (guitar), Stuart Richardson
    (bass), and Mike Chiplin (drums) to the lineup.

    After Lostprophets' demo was featured in Kerrang! magazine, U.K. independent label Visible Noise offered them an
    album deal in 2000. That year's The Fake Sound of Progress was recorded over the course of a week for roughly
    $4,000. Hitting the road to promote the album, the band played support slots with Linea 77, Taproot, Pitchshifter,
    Linkin Park, and the Deftones, and a huge show at the 2001 Reading Festival helped the fan base grow. Keyboardist
    Jamie Oliver joined the band to expand its sound, and Sony signed the band in the U.S., releasing a different
    version of The Fake Sound of Progress in 2001, one that had been remixed and "retooled" by famed producer Michael
    Barbiero. A North American tour followed.

    The album's successor, 2004's Start Something, proved that all the gigging had paid off. It debuted at number five
    on the U.K. charts and reached number 33 on the Billboard Top 200 despite having been leaked early on the Internet.
    More touring followed, including a sold-out show at the giant Cardiff International Arena and a main-stage
    performance at the 2004 Reading Festival. In 2005 the bandmembers were considering different producers for their
    third effort before deciding on Bob Rock, the man responsible for Metallica's self-titled "Black Album." Drummer
    Chiplin departed so Rock and the band recruited drummer Josh Freese -- who had worked with A Perfect Circle, Rob
    Zombie, and many others -- for recording sessions. The completed album, Liberation Transmission, was released at the
    beginning of summer 2006. The Betrayed arrived in 2010, followed by the group's fifth studio album, Weapons, in

    Album Review - from allmusic

    The fifth studio outing from Welsh rockers Lostprophets strikes a nice balance between the metallic fury and
    desperation of their 2001 debut, Fake Sound of Progress, and the slicker, more commercial sound of 2009's Betrayed.
    Typically polished and predictably apocalyptic, Weapons works best when it's firing on all cylinders. Tracks like
    "We Bring an Arsenal" and "Better Off Dead," the latter of which suggests an industrial, chrome-drunk take on the
    dystopian Godfathers classic "Birth, School, Work, Death," bristle with electro-metal goodness, fusing Muse's
    libertine enthusiasm with Green Day's flair for rousing suburban angst. "Jesus Walks" aims for Arcade Fire-style
    grandiosity, but falls a hair short, while "Another Shot" introduces a majestic chord progression that suffers
    beneath the weight of an uninspiring chorus. While lesser fare -- like "Heart on Loan," "Little Reminder That I'll
    Never Forget," and the cringe-worthy ballad "Somedays" -- feels less immediate, trading in urgency for rote, emo-
    fueled angst that feels out of sorts with the rest of the album, Lostprophets still sound hungry and confident, and
    when they stick the landing, as is the case with the relentless single "Bring 'Em Down," it leaves a mark.

    Track Listing

    1. Bring 'Em Down
    2. We Bring an Arsenal
    3. Another Shot
    4. Jesus Walks
    5. A Song for Where I'm From
    6. A Little Reminder That I'll Never Forget
    7. Better Off Dead
    8. Heart on Loan
    9. Somedays
    10. Can't Get Enough
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    nah....not my thing, think i'll give that one a miss...but full marks for listening to the full album MH

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