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Thread: Where can I find more from this kind of music?

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    Default Where can I find more from this kind of music?


    I've been watching some vids on youtube today, and these had some great soundtracks. Only I cant find the name/artist/genre ANYWHERE!

    Maybe one of you could help me out?
    Any of these, the music starts at roughly 1:00.

    Again, I'm looking for the name of the artists, name of the songs or just the genre orwhere I can find more of this great music :)

    Thanks in advance,

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    Hi HarmV,

    As soon as I heard the first piece I thought this is so much like Steve Jablonsky, same with the the second and third pieces. I'm not sure your sound samples are his work but listen to a few of his Score samples here:

    Links to two more...
    My guess is you are a fan of his work.

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