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Thread: SKINNY PUPPY "bootlegged,broke and in solvent seas"

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    Default SKINNY PUPPY "bootlegged,broke and in solvent seas"

    SKINNY PUPPY "bootlegged,broke and in solvent seas"

    live album!
    seventeenth album by the Puppies, guessing their more like old dogs now though!
    very industrial sounding synth music, had it have been any heavier than it is i would have put it in the
    hard rock/metal section of the forum, and again, had it have been any harder it would have
    drew a huge comparison to Nine Inch Nails, but it isnt and it doesnt, but it doesnt i
    dont like it whatsoever...gotta feeling SteveO might appreciate this one, so maybe he
    can give it a more positive review later??
    allmusic havent as yet rated this one and they seem to be all over the place with scores
    for their other SP, i give this one a lowly 1.2

    from the album:

    dogshit audio

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    have one of their albums that I think scored in that low 1 range
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