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Thread: THE ROCKET SUMMER "life will write the words"

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    Default THE ROCKET SUMMER "life will write the words"

    THE ROCKET SUMMER "life will write the words"

    never heard of The Rocket Summer before but they have released five albums now.
    this album is the same old-same old indi rock sounds that a thousand other groups sound like,
    but now with the popularity of Coldplay adding piano to their indi sounds, this guy has done the same,
    but without the beautiful melodies and harmonies of those guys.
    nothing on here to make me fell inspired to rush out and purchase at all.
    even the pros at allmuisc only give this one a converted 1.2, by far the worst rating of any of their albums by TRS..
    me, i guess im abit more generous giving a score of 1.5

    from the album:

    run and dont stop video

    "" review by Robert Ham

    Self-editing is a near impossibility in any creative pursuit. You need to have an extra set of ears and eyes willing to tell you with little remorse that the idea you think is genius is just plain terrible. Five albums deep into his career as the Rocket Summer, Bryce Avary has obviously pleased thousands of fans with his glammy take on Christian rock, but the poor lad is in desperate need of someone to help hone his songwriting and to beg him to rein in his instrumental efforts. As with most of his work to date, Avary packs Life Will Write the Words with noise and incidents, giving the listener little room to relax or, at the very least, breathe. Ceaseless guitar lines, busy drumbeats, and plenty of electronic intrusions abound here. The helping hand of an outside producer or some extra bandmates might help to open these tracks up a lot more. At the very least, it would do Avary a world of good to have someone to urge him to ease up on the throttle of his vocals. Every song is another excuse for him to growl, shout, and send his voice to the rafters of whatever imagined arena he is playing in.

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    clip did nothig for me either
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