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    Ok, i'll probably get flamed or something but I'm trying to spread word to people who might not know her.

    Rach is a friend (I'm in love with her) and she's an incredible singer who has just made it to the finals of The Voice in Australia. She has got retinitis pigmentosa and so she's legally blind but she is an inspiration. She can sing in spanish, italian, french and english.

    I made her a website (my first), please visit and vote for her. Internationals can only vote for free through facebook. It has some of her music on their. Her most watched song is La Vie En Rose

    Oh I'm little busy promoting so I might be a little while in replying :)

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    let me know what you guys think of the site and music. I plucked a few random vids for you guys to to listen too

    I like this one, its in Spanish. There all AMAZING but yeah]Granada

    Don't know if you guys can watch this one.

    And VOTE lol

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