depth is not a perception its must of man/

to clue in justification relaying on plans/

the strive of a young poetic is to prove with his hands/

to write simple allegations so u can understand/

renovating closed minds to open up and expand/

different angles of life is such monotonous strand/

sincerity in my rap is a power i have/

evolution leads a road for the strong to adapt/

illustrating rhyme patterns in the rhythm of space

exploring variant dimensions at a relevant pace/

breaking down information in a similar way

to have fears of change is such shame say/

peripherals views darken as your dumbness awakes/

the person you were before ignorance took his place/

you began to rip your soul as your mind disintegrates/

and put behind the barriers that problems tend to create/

a mass effect of remedial nonsense,

put behind a setback of all your conglomerates/

real eyes never look through the gates of deception/

they beat around the bush and find roots of definitions/

prolonged thoughts to see lies of inception/

............. this is my minds intellection/
~ Nick-E MAGGZ

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