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Thread: Can you give me your opinion ?

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    Smile Can you give me your opinion ?

    Hello everybody !

    I'm french, so.. First, sorry for my english !
    I come here to listen to you my contest track !
    " Ableton Live " made a contest for all users, that's : " What Can you create in one day ? "

    So, i participate at this contest, and here is my song :

    I'll hope you like this song and if you can... vote for me .. ;) ( you had to use a soundcloud account for vote )

    The rest of the message in french..

    J'espère que jusqu'ici vous m'aurez compris..mon but n'étant pas pour moi de demander obligatoirement aux gens de voter,
    mais de leur faire partager mon morceau. Cependant, ( à ce que j'ai compris ) le jury fait une pré-sélection des 25 qui auront
    obtenues le + de votes.. donc.. autant jouer le jeux =).

    I hope that you like/love my song !

    Thanks a lot

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    Not really my thing but after the initial 'intro' I quite liked that beat and the synth sounds. After that I lost interest because it just all started sounding the same and I was hoping to hear some kind of melody breaking through, but that didn't happen. I think the basic foundation is there but there is no structure sitting on top of it. I hope this makes sense! I am 'old school' so maybe you would be better off asking some of your contemporaries what they think.
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    Thank for the comment !
    It's good for me to have many opinion ! I understood all you said, and i'm agree with.
    I can't make long sentences... my vocabulary's limited ;)
    Thanks again for time you spent, for my song ;)

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