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Thread: Which song is it?

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    Question Which song is it?

    Hey guys

    I been singing and humming a song which I thought was from A class Act, which by the way is a fantastic musical. I found it once on Launchcast radio via yahoo, however that closed down, so there is no way to find my old playlists.

    The song was registered as being a song from A Class Act. So I thought it would be pretty easy to find again via Spotify.

    It was not. According to Spotify this song does not exist, atleast not in A Class Act album on Spotify.

    The song sounds alot like it could be from A Class Act though, and I would describe the song as:

    A duet
    Would fit A Class Act perfectly
    They sing about
    "1st Voice: I'll be ...... - then you'll be..... 2nd Voice: No! I'll be.... and you'll be!"
    It ramps up towards the end, ping ponging more than in the beginning.

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    I'll check out if i got i I'll post here.

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    Nothing about Gershwin or Gandhi, but the quotes reminded me of this number!
    Good luck finding this one, sorry I can't help.

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