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from the album - Ayy Ladies

releaed May 29th, 2012

Bio - from allmusic

Originally formed in 2006 as the Hard Hitters, the trio officially switched to the enigmatic moniker Travis Porter
in 2008. MCs Ali (Lakeem Mattox), Quez (Donquez Woods), and Strap (Harold Duncan) grew up together in Decatur,
Georgia, and formed the band with the hope of taking over the rap world from the underground up. The irreverent crew
began to cultivate a strong Internet presence, releasing videos through its YouTube page and releasing four
mixtapes, Who Is Travis Porter?, Iím a Differenter, Iím a Differenter 2, and Streets RíUs, in 2009. Travis Porter
caused some controversy that year when they inadvertently released a Roscoe Dash single they did a guest spot on,
"All the Way Turnt Up," on one of their own tapes. Dash eventually re-recorded the song with Soulja Boy and released
the new version the following year. After releasing three more mixtapes, Proud 2 Be a Problem, I Am Travis Porter,
and Differenter Gang, in 2010, Travis Porter found themselves being courted by labels hoping to bring them to a
larger audience. They eventually decided to sign with Jive near the end of 2010, but the label would be closed in
2011 by its parent company, RCA. The group's debut album, From Day 1, would finally arrive in 2012 on RCA with
productions from Diplo, J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, and others.

Album Review - from allmusic

Like the Pack before them, the pop-rap trio Travis Porter are out to have a good time, finding inspiration in
moments like casually running into friends and getting that unexpected hi-five ("Party Time"). At least that's the
clean side of the group as track titles like "P***y Real Good" and "Flood This S**t" show how far their hedonism can
go, and while they also show that TP are well-versed in the works of the 2 Live Crew, crunk, the Dirty South, and
other vessels for the dark arts and/or booty music, there's a strange -- maybe even creepy -- feeling that the album
bounces between the playground and the bedroom like it was no big deal. That might have something to do with this
young group's album having its release delayed for years thanks to the original label, Jive, being dissolved, but
there's little evidence that anyone involved cared to design a sensible full-length instead of just a resting home
for singles. Still, that's four singles -- "Make It Rain," "Bring It Back," "Ayy Ladies," and "Ride Like That," --
that are all ready and willing to start the party, and with Tyga, Mike Posner, and Mac Miller being shuffled in to
keep things interesting while producers Diplo ("Wobble") and J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League ("That Feeling") both show up
with prime new beats, From Day 1 winds up a scattershot party to consider, at least for a weekend or two.

Track Listing

1. Aww Yea
2. Pop a Rubberband
3. Pussy Real Good Feat. 2 Chainz
4. Wobble
5. Ayy Ladies Feat. Tyga
6. Ride Like That Feat. Jeremih
7. Flood This S**t
8. Ballin'
9. Party Time
10. That Feelin' Feat. Mike Posner
11. Bring It Back
12. Make It Rain