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Thread: Music that remindS you of the past.. What you think??

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    Default Music that remindS you of the past.. What you think??

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    i just dropped my new single called "Last Song" featuring Erick Right and I was hoping you can take a few minutes of your time to take a quick listen and give me some of your feedback. comment on video That's all. Any how hope you are having an amazing week. NES PS. If you like I provided the link so you can download it 4 free. Once again thank you so much.

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    to be honest with you(and i assume thats what you want?)...

    modern R&B type songs are generally not my music of choice,but that said, the music is good.
    there is obviously a huge market for this kind of track,but not in my house.
    i do not know what the video is like as i refuse to let let videos alter my perception of a track so i didnt watch it whilst listening to the song...

    its probably a very good song in the particular genre,but as i stated...its not for me

    good luck with it and hope it does all you expect it to

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