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very nice piano work
an actual piano, not one of those keyboard things
pop but not the dance kind, my kind
makes the list
1.7 from me and a converted 2.4 from the pros at allmusic

from the album - Summer Is Over

released May 22nd, 2012

Bio - from allmusic

Born and raised in Anderson, IN, singer/songwriter Jon McLaughlin began taking classical piano lessons at an early
age. Though he lost interest in the instrument during high school and was sidelined by an accident that injured both
wrists, he rediscovered his talent during senior year and began incorporating his piano skills into soulful pop
music. McLaughlin enrolled in the music program at Anderson University, where he studied piano and spent his free
time writing songs. Eventually, he won a school competition that allowed him to release his self-titled debut album
in 2004.

A follow-up EP, Songs I Wrote and Later Recorded, came out the following year, and McLaughlin was soon given the
opportunity to audition for three major labels. One such label, Island, signed him to its roster, which lead to the
nationwide release of Indiana -- an album that included re-recorded versions of two songs from his first effort --
in 2007. Later that year, McLaughlin's profile received an extra boost when he contributed an Oscar-nominated song,
"So Close," to the Disney film Enchanted. He also performed the song during the 2008 Academy Awards Ceremony and
used the resulting momentum to drum up support for his third studio album, OK Now.

Album Review - from allmusic

There is no major-label battle quite so perplexing as one involving a mainstream artist. Such is the case with Jon
McLaughlin, a likable pop singer/songwriter who had some success on a major at the tail end of the aughts, then
wound up quarreling with his label about who should produce his third album. Eventually, he split with the major and
made Forever If Ever on his own, and the record in no way sounds like the kind of album that would scare off a
major: it's a tuneful, colorful, commercial pop record, the kind that seems tailor-made for multi-platform hits. The
thing that marks this as an independent effort is that the surfaces aren't quite so slick; there's some warmth to
the interplay, and the melodies are pushed to the forefront, letting the song, not the singer, shine. Although there
are some slow spots -- he can drag on ballads -- this remains the loosest and liveliest McLaughlin has ever been on
record, which means it's not only his best effort yet, it's his most appealing. Lord knows why it wasn't on a major,
as it feels like it has more potential hits than his other albums -- which is something Razor & Tie must have
noticed, because they picked up the album, had McLaughlin add three new songs to it, and released it in 2012 under
the name Promising Promises. In either incarnation, this collection of songs remains the best Jon McLaughlin has yet

Track Listing

1. Promising Promises
2. You Never Know
3. Summer Is Over Ft. Sara Barielles
4. The Atmosphere
5. What I Want
6. I'll Follow You
7. Maybe It's Over Ft. Xenia
8. If Only I
9. Falling
10. Without You Now
11. My Girl Tonight
12. These Crazy Times
13. Wool Over Eyes