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    Years ago, i bought a GEM rp150 digital piano to learn play with a piano.
    For years, the piano played very well.

    A few weeks ago, the piano didn't start up and i contacted my music store to fix the problem.
    They told me that the battery is possible leaking and after checking, it was.

    I replaced the battery but to start up the piano, i have to set it to factory settings.
    The musicstore came up with some guide to reset but is was for an other piano and useless for me.

    Does anyone here know how to set this piano to factory settings so i can play my music again?


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    factory setting

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    Not familiar with this equipment, but this might help. Normally on the circuit boards there is a reset button of some kind or a jumper (a connector) that you kind connect to reset to factory settings. There might also be a sequence of steps that you have to perform, like holding down knob x while you power up. Do you have a manual for this machine - if not you should be able to find one on the web somewhere that should tell you how to do this. Try disconnecting the battery again and wait about 10 secs or so.

    Found this
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