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Thread: New Music!

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    Talking New Music!

    Hey there,
    I did not see anything like this, hope I am not being redundant but I wanted to start a thread where people can talk about new music they have been listening to. Either new artists they just discovered, bands that have gotten back together, or old favorites with new tracks.

    To start things off.. I have started listening to Justin Townes Earle , son of Steve Earle. I have never really given him much attention till these last couple of days, but I am liking what I am hearing. It's like a folk/country mix that I just love. And there is something about him...

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    not a bad track....

    i actually saw Steve Earle play an acoustic set a month or so ago...he's still got it IMO

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    According to Rolling Stone he is still huge in Ireland.

    ... and the more I listen to Justin, the more I like him.

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