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    Default WILLIE NELSON "heroes"

    WILLIE NELSON "heroes"

    umpteenth album from the 50 year recording veteran and 79 year old Nelson...
    guest appearances from the other veteran 'renegades' Merle and Kris, along with Sheryl Crow,Billy Joe shaver,
    Micah Nelson(presumably a releative), his son Lukas Nelson, and surprise-surprise Snoop Dogg???WTF!!!!
    this one is a country album which will probably get the thumbs up from MH.
    all up...not a bad album from Willie...allmusic rate this one 1.8 which isnt too far off the mark IMO as i give
    this one 1.9...!

    everytime he drinks he thinks of her audio

    review from ""
    Product Description


    Uncut Americana Album of the month 9 / 10 --Uncut

    CD Description

    Heroes is the eagerly-awaited album of new songs and re-imagined classics performed by Willie Nelson, America's legendary outlaw country music avatar. Heroes is essential Willie Nelson, a seamless collection of top-flight pop-country songs. It includes a cover of Coldplay’s “The Scientist” which recently debuted to great acclaim as the soundtrack to an animated short film commercial during the US Super Bowl. There are also covers from the 30s and 40s and new songs by Willie, his sons, Lukas Nelson and Micah Nelson, and "Roll Me Up And Smoke Me When I Die", a new track featuring special guests Snoop Dogg, Kris Kristofferson and Jamey Johnson. All songs are performed with the easy-going homespun warmth and honesty that have become Willie’s trademarks.
    The album opens with Willie and Merle Haggard joining forces on a powerful new rendition of Wayne ("The Letter," "Always On My Mind") Carson's "A Horse Called Music" (the title song from Willie's 1989 album). Other brand-new Willie Nelson compositions making their debut on Heroes are "Hero," featuring guest appearances by Jamey Johnson and Billy Joe Shaver, and "Come On Back Jesus" featuring Nelson’s sons Lukas Nelson and Micah Nelson. The collection includes a sublime interpretation of Pearl Jam's "Just Breathe," performed with son Lukas, Lukas also performs with his dad on several of the album's other tracks including a droll soulful take on the Tom Waits and Kathleen Brennan composition, "Come On Up To The House," sung with Sheryl Crow. Lukas has penned three songs for the album; "No Place To Fly," "Every Time He Drinks He Thinks of Her," and "The Sound of Your Memory" (cowritten with Elizabeth Rainey).
    Willie revisits the roots of classic country with three pre-rock gems: the 1930's ballad "My Window Faces The South," Fred Rose's immortal "Home In San Antone" from 1943, and 1949's "Cold War With You," a still timely take on the battle of the sexes with guest artist Ray Price. (Price made Willie's composition, "Night Life," a smash in 1960 and Willie served as a member of Ray's band, the Cherokee Cowboys).

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    yes I'm a country fan
    not necessarily a Willie fan
    Snoop does nothing to help that
    the clip was ok
    review does peak my interest as does your score
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    sorry, i'd like it being'country willie' instead of 'jazzy/bluesy willie'

    nothing really great on the album MH, but its traditional country so pretty hard to knock it IMO

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    I need to listen to this. There is actually a post-it sitting next to me right now that says " Nelson, new album!" . I will get to it.

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    thumbs up Good luck!

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