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    Default Royal Headache - Royal Headache

    online listen
    just making it to these shores
    much too short songs
    barely time to get into them
    12 songs, 26 minutes
    punkish garage flavor
    1.3 from me and a converted 2.4 from the pros at allmusic

    from the album - Down The Lane

    released May 8th, 2012

    Bio - from allmusic

    Royal Headache rose out of the bleak underground punk scene of Western Sydney, Australia in 2008. In part as a
    response to the gloomy post-punk bands happening at the time of its founding, the group infused its garage punk core
    with a hearty dose of '60s-inspired AM radio soul-pop. Going by foreshortened nicknames, the band consisted of
    Shogun on vocals, Joe on bass, Shortty on drums, and Law on guitar. The quartet quickly made a name for itself on
    the strength of a self-produced 7" and began playing locally. In 2011 the band released its self-titled debut LP on
    R.I.P. Society in Australia. The record was produced by Mikey Young, influential godfather of the Aussie punk scene
    and full-time member of Eddy Current Suppression Ring. This collection of incredibly catchy, punk-tinged power soul
    was met with positive response almost across the board from the underground press, and gained the band much wider
    recognition. Tours of Europe and the United States followed, and in early 2012 the group's first record was re-
    released by What's Your Rupture? in America.

    Album Review - from allmusic

    The guys in Royal Headache hit on a pretty good formula when they got together. What would Otis Redding have sounded
    like if he were in a punk band? Or conversely, what would the Damned have sounded like with a soul singer fronting
    them? Their debut self-titled album answers the question with a resounding "awesome!" as it slams through 12 super-
    exciting songs in 26 minutes. From the testifying vocals of Shogun to the razor-sharp guitar work of Law and the
    tight-as-nails rhythm section of drummer Shotty and bassist Joe (guess they ran out of nicknames), everything about
    Royal Headache is spot-on soul-punk without a single wasted note. The band runs through the songs with unbridled,
    almost desperate, energy but make sure to save sonic space for the melodies, never drowning Shogun out as he
    tunefully spills his guts everywhere. It's kind of pointless to run down the highlights of Royal Headache since
    every track sounds and feels like a hit single and has a succinct hookiness -- even the instrumental "Two Kinds of
    Love," which provides a brief pause for breath in the middle of the album. If you're tired of retro soul singers who
    slavishly attempt to re-create the classic soul sound of the '60s but end up sounding about as passionate as a glass
    of milk, you should take a chance on Royal Headache. Their version of soul revival captures the sweat and fire of
    classic soul music better than almost anyone else in 2012, even without suits and Mark Ronson. Otis Redding would be

    Track Listing

    1. Never Again
    2. Really in Love
    3. Surprise
    4. Psychotic Episode
    5. Girls
    6. Two Kinds of Love
    7. Back and Forth
    8. Down the Lane
    9. Distant and Vague
    10. Wilson Street
    11. Honey Joy
    12. Pity
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    That track is right up my alley. I dig it.
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