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Thread: Can anybody explain how this record sounds modern?

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    Default Can anybody explain how this record sounds modern?

    Take a look at this album

    It's retro, yet it still sounds fantastically modern. And i'm not just talking about a more sleek production, either.

    now look at this album -

    It's retro, but it sounds like a dumb retread.

    Can anybody fill me in on the magic that made Is This It such a landmark record? It was refreshing..But not just because it sounded more raw. There was something about it that made it more modern and unfamiliar as well

    Like the white stripes, Jack White was surely influenced by older artists, but he also melded in Punk and a variety of other genres to make it sound unique...

    I'm dying here...I genuinely want to know what makes Is This It sound unique. I love that album, you know...But, I just can't put my finger on it.

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    Well just looking at the wiki pages, there are about half a million buzzwords on the page for the Strokes album, and there are nearly none on the other album's page. That probably has something to do with it.

    I do not normally care for this sort of music. The way that this sort of stuff does reach me is if I hear it somewhere when I'm with my loved one. I would never actively choose this sort of music, ever.

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