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    -no album cover available-

    CATCALL "the warmest place"

    bugger!...its been a bad day for me for listening to music, firstly Led Zeppelin,then Cold Chisel and
    now this piece of synth-pop crap!

    debut album by Aussie singer Catcall..
    the first three tracks were ok, but as the album went on there was a distinct repeatative anture to the
    tracks, very little difference between them,musically and vocally, just the same bland going nowhere
    sounds everywhere, i think Catcall has a pleasant enough voice and could probably get away with
    little variation if the music varied
    if you want something to be played in the background at a party or during dinner, then this one
    may serve its purpose, but for me, one who actually listens to the music,vocals, melodies and lyrics,
    then im afraid it aint for me!

    "satellites" audio

    rating: 1.3

    "" review
    Itís been a long time since Sydneyís Catcall (Catherine Kelleher) parted ways with her Kiosk bandmates and branched out on her own to start making some tunes that can only fairly be described as starkly different to her previous endeavours. Her experiments with hip hop that were the main focus of her earlier Catcall work have been put aside for a focus on polished pop and the results are outstanding.
    After the short intro of The Warmest Place, a line referenced in the albumís superb opener, August, the track itself is a reworked version of the track that appeared first on her debutEP, bigger and beefier, but the production flourishes have not taken away any of the charm of this infectious success. It takes no more than a looping organ line with big stomping beats for her to pull an amazing track out of almost nothing. Satellites follows immediately Ė itís an Empire Of The Sun-style indie dancefloor classic waiting to happen and steers away from some of the more Ď80s pop sounds that populate the record.These moments can be found most obviously on first single, The World Is Ours, the unashamed pop of That Girl and Shoulda Been,or on the slower electro ballad, Swimming Pool. But there are more moments where she displays a more refrained approach to slower-burning hooks like on August, such as on I Believed and the Europop-flavoured Iím In Love With A German Film Star.
    A long-time coming it may have been, but Catcallís debut is a rich treasure trove of the kind of intelligent pop that for obvious reasons only shows up these days when indie artists take a risk on being popular.

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    yea, that one was pretty blah

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