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Thread: American Idol and X-Factor

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    As you all know American Idol is based on Pop Idol. But today I want to ask for you comments about the winners of the contest. All the winners of the AI from season 1 to season 7
    Kelly Clarkson
    Ruben Studdard
    Fantasia Barrino
    Carrie Unđerwood
    Taylor Hicks
    Jordin Sparks
    David Cook
    Some of them have been famous until now and kept working for their music career. But the others have disappeared like Ruben Studdard, Taylor Hicks. So what is the reason for their success and unsuccess ? Will they come back to the music world some day ? And why do you think so ? For those who have been famous for now like Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood...., what do you think they would do for their career ? Can Kelly become a diva ?

    Thank you for reading and leaving comments. sorry for my bad English
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    please reply to my question. thank you so much

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    These shows are so over rated. But I have to admit That I like some of the singers that came out of the shows.

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    Some of them are fading out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by starbabyc View Post
    Some of them are fading out.
    can you tell me who ? thx

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    I think being on American Idol ruins them. For me at least. The records they put out are SO mediocre and not what you would expect. And they fade away fast because everyone will associate them with American Idol for the rest of their careers and lives. Honestly they all sound the same to me. Even Kelly and Carrie. There is nothing individual about them once they win. They are just another American Mainstream Artist with no individuality in themselves.

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