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    Hi all,

    I've literally just joined this forum in the hope of meeting some like minded folk who can discuss music and at time help me to better my own music. I don't bruise too easily so anything you say about my own music can be brutally honest (it all helps to craft it better next time).

    So to kick off and introduce myself - I'm a massive pearl jam, Brighteyes and Sigur Ros fan.

    I would be over the moon if any of you would take the time to give me some feedback on a music video I've just made with a bunch of students. It needs some polishing and for some reason the track has pops and clicks on it but apart from that I'd love to know what you think? does the video fit the song or is it pretentious hogwash :P

    Hope to hear from y'all soon.

    The video is here:

    p.s My posts wont always be promoting my own stuff. I have plenty of local musician friends I'd like to discuss as well as big name bands.

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    no criticism here
    very nice Matt
    welcome to the forum
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    welcome to MD Matt...

    nice tune,nice vocals,nice video...good allround effort mate!

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    Thanks Guys, really appreciate the feedback! :) and I'm happy to be part of your community. (If for nothing else it will give me a will to live through the quiet times at work ;P

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    A good effort Matt. Probably the best that's been posted on the site to date apart from the 'pastoral' thing in one of the threads somewhere. The buzzes and clicks could be from drop-outs when you recorded the audio. Check the audio track without the video and then isolate the problem. Could also be mic setup etc. Will give it another listen tomorrow and maybe comment on the individual elements/mix/production etc.
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