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    I wasn't really sure what part of the forum to post this in, but I think pop fits. I've been watching some of Lana Del Rey's live performances and don't know if she legitimately can't perform live or if it's all an act.

    She seems disinterested and high in almost every performance I've found ... that part I'm pretty sure is an act.

    Then there's her voice ... it fluctuates so damn much live and at points she actually sounds like other singers (shakira at one point during her SNL performance) ... this is the part that i'm not sure on. She's either doing this on purpose and demonstrating superior vocal control or she has no control at all and just can't sing live ... I'm not sure which.

    What are your thoughts?

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    I think she's just really nervous. She looks pretty uncomfortable-I don't think it's an act. Strange if it is! Voice sounds great on record though. I agree she can sound like other people-Stevie Nicks in some bits?

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    I would say she was nervous if it was just one performance, but it's all of them in all different countries in all types of venues. And the thing is, she doesn't look nervous. She looks high out of her mind.

    I love her and her voice is great on record. I'm just trying to figure out her live performances. They're not bad, but they're strange.

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    Yes, for me she is nervous but its normal to get nervous in a performance
    it's just that they should not show to the audience that they are nervous
    because it can destruct the show.
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    I don't like her either way, live or on record, but when I see her perform I have a strong urge to punch her. Terrible.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PennyLane View Post
    I don't like her either way, live or on record, but when I see her perform I have a strong urge to punch her. Terrible.
    Haha! I can't stop watching her live performances. It's kind of like a car wreck ... you just can't look away. I just can't help trying to figure her out.

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