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    Default Eve 6 - Speak In Code

    online listen
    very Blinkish
    some of that crap vocoder, but not too much
    good lyrics
    1.5 from me and a converted 1.8 from the pros at allmusic

    from the album - Victoria

    released Apr 24th, 2012

    Bio from allmusic

    Punk-pop trio Eve 6 scored three Top 40 singles (as well as eight modern rock hits) during the late '90s and early
    2000s. The band's two founders, guitarist Jon Siebels and bassist/vocalist Max Collins, signed a contract with RCA
    Records while still attending high school in La Crescenta, a neighborhood in northern Los Angeles. Originally
    called Eleventeen, the bandmates took three long years -- during which time they added a new drummer, Tony Fagenson
    -- to prep their debut album. The delay was intentional, as RCA Records had demanded the boys graduate from high
    school before releasing any material. While waiting to issue an album (which ultimately arrived in 1998), Eve 6
    sharpened their act by playing local coffeehouses.

    "Inside Out," the leadoff single from Eve 6's self-titled debut, became a number one modern rock hit in 1998,
    ousting the Goo Goo Dolls' "Iris" from the chart-topping position. "Leech" also proved to be a popular single, and
    Eve 6's record went platinum as a result. Two years later, the band returned with Horrorscope, which went gold on
    the strength of "Promise" and the power ballad "Here's to the Night," which was also a Top 40/MTV smash. Eve 6
    toured the globe throughout 2000 and 2001 while writing songs for a third record, It's All in Your Head, which was
    released in mid-2003. Despite the moderate success of the single "Think Twice," sales for the record never truly
    took off, and Eve 6 were dropped by RCA Records in March 2004. Shortly thereafter, the guys announced their
    decision to disband, and Eve 6 played their final show in July.

    Siebels went on to play guitar with Monsters Are Waiting, while Collins and Fagenson resurfaced in mid-2006 with
    their new band, the Sugi Tap. In 2007, Collins and Fagenson added guitarist Matt Bair and put the Sugi Tap on hold
    to tour as Eve 6 in 2008. In 2011, with new songs, new management, and with Siebels back on board, the band
    officially re-formed and signed with Fearless Records. A new album, Speak in Code, produced by Don Gilmore (who
    produced Eve 6's first two albums), appeared in April of 2012.

    Album Review - from allmusic

    Following a nine-year hiatus, Speak in Code picks up where California trio Eve 6 left off, or possibly earlier than
    when they left off. The band's fourth studio album follows three albums of insanely hooky radio-friendly pop-punk
    made between 1998 and 2003. While time has passed and all the kids who listened to Eve 6 in college have done some
    significant growing up, the band itself seems to have stayed almost exactly the same, reaching further back into
    the playfully nave anthems of its debut, updating its style and world-view only ever so slightly. Lighthearted
    juvenilia and reckless abandon saturate the album, much as on earlier outings. Lyrics sincerely address their
    subject as "dawg" or "bro" between casual references to Coldplay, body shots, or L.A. cokeheads with endangered
    cats for pets. Singer Max Collins outs his age on "Situation Infatuation" when he sings "I was named for a saint,
    1978." The sophomoric tone of much of the album makes this line a little hard to fathom. Also still going strong is
    the band's radio-ready alternative pop sound. Gigantic production values, triumphant choruses, and cheeky-but-
    affable lyrics make almost every song on Speak in Code sound tailor-made for romantic comedy soundtracks, or maybe
    college humor soundtracks, depending on how many references to partying or pop culture get dropped. These factors
    often outshine any growth or subtlety that may have happened in Eve 6's world in the almost decade between albums.
    There's some flirtation with synth pop, be it the robo-grooves and Gary Numan-esque backing vocals of "Downtown" or
    the textural keyboards and vocoder on "Victoria." The buzzsaw bassline and dissonant guitar of the first few
    strains of "Curtain" sound like the band just got really into Gang of Four before it shifts into more formulaic
    radio fodder. Eve 6 again worked with producer Don Gilmore, whose radio-ready sound graced their first two (and
    most commercially successful) albums. The end result is a somewhat timeless record of Hollywood-toned alternative
    fare with extremely faded roots in punk, not too unlike any other of the band's endeavors. Nine years passed
    between this album and the last, but it could have been nine days. The lack of progress isn't really an issue.
    Fellow pop-punk brats blink-182 have fallen flat when branching out creatively with stylistically divergent side
    projects, and Eve 6's 2003 album It's All in Your Head strayed from the band's feel-good formula just enough to see
    it sell a fraction of what their other records did. The in-the-moment party tunes and sentimental alt-ballads on
    Speak in Code are as unremarkably predictable and insidiously catchy as any from their early days. When a band is
    concerned with little more than big dumb fun like Eve 6 is, not fixing what ain't broke is the way to go.

    Track Listing

    1. Curtain
    2. Victoria
    3. Situation Infatuation
    4. B.F.G.F.
    5. Lion's Den
    6. Blood Brothers
    7. Lost & Found
    8. Moon
    9. Downtown
    10. Trust Me
    11. Everything
    12. Pick Up the Pieces
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    vocorder....sorry, been bitten once by Neil Young using it, aint gonna fall for it again by anyone.

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    I didn't know Eve 6 was still putting stuff out. I think I pretty much wrote them off as a one hit wonder.

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