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Thread: Can anyone tell me what this tune is

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    Default Can anyone tell me what this tune is - now with image

    There's a tune that's been going through my head, but I can't figure out what it is. It was often heard on light rock stations a few years ago. The singer is female, reminds me of Vannessa Williams or Selena. An image of the melody is attached. (I don't know if the key is right, but I think the intervals and rythm are.)

    I have already tried melody hound, musipedia, and theme finder. Can anyone identify this?

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    The only thing I remember about the words is that there's a phrase with several words sung quickly together ending with "again". Not much to go on, I know.

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    Default Got it

    I found it.

    Ironically the one word that I remembered turned out not to be so useless: the song is "Again" by Janet Jackson.

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