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hell, I don't know, electronic death rap
not my thing but it may be yours
sounds sick
I'm old skool
to me sick is still a bad thing
1.0 from me and a converted 2.4 from the pros at allmusic

from the album - The Fever

released Apr 24th, 2012

Bio - from allmusic

Death Grips is a difficult yet enthralling project, where the glitched-out productions of blastbeat drummer Zach
Hill and keyboardist Andy Morin accent the violently yelled raps of vocalist Stefan Burnett. The experimental hip-
hop project started out in Sacramento, California, and put out its first mixtape, Exmilitary, in 2011. Despite the
album's raging intensity, it became a favorite among critics upon its release. Following a signing to Epic, Death
Grips released The Money Store in 2012.

Album Review - from allmusic

A confusing band from the get-go, Death Grips' first release, Exmilitary, was maybe a mixtape, maybe a debut, or
maybe both, but there's little doubt that the freely downloadable monster was a headline release in the underground
hip-hop renaissance of 2011. From Lil B to Shabazz Palaces, it was a great time to right click, but the 2012 season
often involved entering credit card information -- not just to some file-hosting service but to an old-school
record label, which in the case of the game-changing The Money Store, is shockingly the Sony-owned Epic. That this
restless blast of paranoid avant-rap was released by an imprint that was also committed to signing the winner of
the X-Factor recalls a time when you could follow Throbbing Gristle releases all the way up to Warner Bros, but
none of this would matter if the music wasn't amazing itself, and it is. Here, the opening “Get Got” combines
glitch, African rhythms, and a swirling keyboard riff right out of dream pop, all while MC Stefan Burnett offers
hood incantations that fall somewhere between Gang Starr's Guru and Can's Michael Mooney. Remarkably, rock-solid
hooks reveal themselves after repeated listens as the true stomper “The Fever (Aye Aye)” hides its Run-DMC love
under a Nine Inch Nails-like blast, and while the lean, winding snake called “I've Seen the Footage” is all No
Wave, severe compression, and conspiracy theories up front, it's really just a tambourine shake away from becoming
a possible Outkast track. Burnett would rather follow the music than front it, sensibly acting as one-third of the
group when most MCs would choose to be either a focal point or an accessory in these surroundings. The dense bed of
edgy grind that he's working with is crafted by producers Andy Morin and Zach Hill (the latter being the man taking
the genre-free attitude of Zorn and Laswell into the age of mixtapes), and it isn't without mercy or melody, even
though it is, decidedly, an onslaught. All these elements are glued together by a Bad Brains-sized sense of purpose
which makes Death Grips sound alive and hungry in spite of their name, and while it is interesting that this dark
ball of hip-hop anti-matter was released by a major, what sticks is the music. The Money Store is an important
record that's also compelling, loaded with kinetic blows against the empire and fully stuffed with that attractive
maverick spirit.

Track Listing

1. Get Got
2. The Fever
3. Lost Boys
4. Black Jack
5. Hustle Bones
6. I've Seen Footage
7. Double Helix
8. System Blower
9. The Cage
10. Punk Weight
11. F**k That
12. B***h Please
13. Hacker