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Thread: Roy D Mercer "ultimate fits"

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    Default Roy D Mercer "ultimate fits"

    ROY D MERCER "ultimate fits".

    dear oh dear....i picked a real good one new release this time.
    i had never heard of Mercer thats why i picked the it ends up he is a radio jock from Oklahoma
    who specialises in making prank calls to businesses on air...we have the same kind of guys here also BTW.
    these tracks are quite amusing, but i doubt the staying power...hear them once or twice and i bet they wear thin
    pretty quick...
    nonetheless, a funny listen first time round as Mercer puts on a real good hillbilly/yokel accent as he provokes
    the businesses into arguements then threatens to "whip their asses" if they dont compensate those who the pranks
    are played on...
    impossible to rate this album and i would not have posted it had i not set my mind on doing so.
    all up, funny skits, rating 1.7

    from the album:

    "car dealer" audio

    "police chief" audio

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    glad you got it and not me
    I hate juvenile pranks like this
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